Unison Mode
Unison Mode








Vita (With Reinforce Zwei)

Signum (With Agito, Reinforce Zwei)

Hayate Yagami (With Reinforce Zwei)

Kureha Shihou (With Tiana)

Goten Uchiha (With Tiana, Excil, Jini)

Houki Shinonono (With Jini)

Unison Devices vastly outperform other forms in response speed and in the volume of Chakra handled; however, users suitable for Unison are rare, and much work is required to fine-tune and ensure compatibility of each specific user. Furthermore, since Unison Devices can cause loss of consciousness and other effects during Unison, they have emergency countermeasures set up that are not dependent on the host's awareness, allowing even solitary users to employ these Devices, enhancing Chakra usage. However, at times, a Unison Device may "take over" the user and operate autonomously, causing a "Unison accident", therefore such Devices have never been manufactured in large numbers.

During a successful Unison, striking hair or pupil color changes become apparent, and it will sometimes even change the color of the clothes or armor the user is wearing at the time. However, whether the appearance after Unison is more similar to the user or the Device depends on whether the user can manage the Device. In the event that a user cannot handle it, he or she will lose all control and completely take on the appearance of the Device.

During regular Unison, the user can always initiate telepathic contact with their Unison Device. However, in the case that the host loses consciousness or the Device for any other reason has to assume full control over their shared body, it creates a so-called "Internal Space", where its master can communicate with it in safety and even recuperate.

When Reinforce II tried to fuse with Goten Uchiha, but was unable to do it because the Twelve-Tailed Demon Wolf rejected her. However, it was later revealed that only Unisons with high degree of chakra can fuse with him.