The Fourth Shinobi World War is an ongoing conflict between the Allied Shinobi Forces and Akatsuki. Its beginning was declared by Madara when the five Kage and the leader of the Land of Iron unanimously refused to surrender the remaining tailed beasts for his Eye of the Moon Plan. He then stated that he would use the tailed beasts already captured by the Akatsuki in combating the world. After this the Fifth Kazekage, the Fifth Mizukage, the Fourth Raikage, the Third Tsuchikage, and General Mifune agreed to form a Shinobi Alliance, pooling their resources against Madara. Later the daimyo of the Five Great Shinobi Countries and the Fifth Hokage, later the Joint Fighter Wings and several countries joined the alliance. Because of that, the alliance was renamed to the Allied Forces.

Preparations for War

Both sides began by gathering their strength and collecting information about the other side in preparation for the upcoming hostilities. Kisame gathered intelligence on Kumogakure's military strength and on Killer Bee while travelling with him everywhere hidden inside Samehada. The team of Anko Mitarashi tracks Kabuto Yakushi, which led them to Madara Uchiha's headquarters. Other Alliance teams have fanned out to collect other information about Akatsuki and their hideouts. Due to the preparations no one hasn't been able to come online.

Both the Allied Forces and Akatsuki have amassed considerable forces for this war, 100.000 members total make up the Alliance and 120.000 Zetsu clones and many warriors of note revived by Kabuto make up Tobi's army.


Allied Forces

Name Position
Kumogakure Symbol A Supreme Leader of the Allied Forces
Sunagakure Symbol Gaara Regimental Commander of the Allied Forces, 4th Division Commander
Kumogakure Symbol Darui 1st Division Commander
Iwagakure Symbol Kitsuchi 2nd Division Commander
Konohagakure Symbol Kakashi Hatake 3rd Division Commander
Konohagakure Symbol Shikamaru Nara 4th Division Proxy Commander
Land of Iron Symbol Mifune 5th Division Commander
Fuso Flag 501st Symbol Junko Takei 6th Division Commander
Fate Testarossa 7th Division Commander
Orussia Symbol Risty 8th Division Commander
Karlsland Symbol 506th Symbol Hanna U. Rudel 9th Division Commander
Fuso Flag Sheren 10th Division Commander
Fuso Flag Sonken Chuubou 10th Division Proxy Commander
Konohagakure Symbol Shizune Logistical Support and Medical Division Captain
Sunagakure Symbol Kankuro Surprise Attack Division Captain
Kirigakure Symbol Ao Sensor Division Captain
Konohagakure Symbol Inoichi Yamanaka Intelligence Division Captain
Konohagakure Symbol Shikaku Nara Chief Strategist


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